Monday, 9 January 2012

Gretel vs The Witch - Inspirational Sketch

An Inspirational Sketch about how the struggle with Gretel and The Witch might go down, I got the idea from reading about an artist named Gustaf Tenggren who made concept pieces to inspire the artists working on Pinocchio to reach the final look of the picture.

For me I wanted to emphasize the struggle between Gretel and the Witch, In my interpretation Gretel puts up a pretty decent and valiant struggle against the witch but her brother needs to see this and step up to the occasion as well.

For the final storyboarded sequence I hope to do something strong, clear and direct.

What kind of Style?

Just something I wanted to mention, I would also like to know from anyone reading this. Judging  from the look of my drawings, the ones already here and the ones on  the way( as well as any of my own drawings you might have seen) simply what kind of drawing style do you think I have.

I ask now because for me, I really don't know if I have a style at all. Some people say your own drawing style is like your personality, that it's unique and it develops over time.The reason I ask is because I seen some pretty strong ones from other people and I guess I'd like to know if anyone feels if I have any sort of personal design style at all.

It's not something terribly pressing and just something on my mind.

The Witch-Character Designs

For the Witch, I feel someone with elongated arms would naturally look more creepy, and I just follow through and tried to make her look deranged, creepy, lean, sinister,etc...basically I tried to come up with Ideas that fit the idea of a Cannibal Witch.

Hansel-Character Designs

For Hansel I'm still not quite sure what his final look should be, but i feel I'm getting close.

It was actually this still image here from a movie called "The White Ribbon" that served as a considerable influence (Personally I haven't seen it but the image alone grabbed my attention)

From this I tried to come up with designs derived from the picture, but trying to branch out. I think the top drawing is pretty close to what I would envision Hansel as sort of a stoic character who lifts himself out of his depression to save his sister when the time comes.

Gretel-Character Designs

Here are my designs for Gretel, Since I just want to follow the original story, She's just a 9 year old girl, small but determined.

I Put A and B here cause I feel there's a subtle change in style between the two designs, but I don't think that's the case.

I think both drawings with A besides them look presentable enough, the truly challenging task is to make a character "On Model"at all times. Which is something I'd like to make sure I do correctly.

The Drawings here are just sketches to try and get
the gesutres and feeling for the character, the one in  middle is just a bit of a joke.  Intresting Idea for the future maybe, but for now the top set of Drawings are the main source of the final look of Gretel.


Hello, this blog is here to present my work on Hansel and Gretel, I've seen a couple of  websites & blogs other from people already about how they're going to apporach Hansel and Gretel.

I've seen some pretty novel ideas already, but for me I think I'm just going to stay pretty close to the original version of Hansel and Gretel, It's fairy tail roots, It's Germanic origins and so on. From this point on I'm going to post up my work as often as I can and I would like to hear what other people have to say about it.

I look forward to it.